Joy Armillay, Ed.D., R.D., LDN, currently in private practice in Northeast PA is a sole practitioner in two separate offices in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties. Dr. Armillay provides the following expanded services for individuals in need of nutrition intervention. Consults for Medical Nutritional Therapy are offered for the listed conditions:

Behavioral / Eating Disorders

• anorexia

• bulimia

• binge eating disorder

• body image distortion (body dysmorphia)

• feeding disorders

Weight management:

• individual and family

• chronic failed diet attempts

• non diet approach

• gastric restrictive surgery – pre and post surgery

Medical nutrition therapy:

• cardiac

– hypertension

– hyperlipidemia

– heart healthy nutrition

• diabetes

– hypoglycemia

– glucose intolerance

– hyperinsulinemia

• gastrointestinal

– colitis

– crohns



– gastroporesis

– celiac

• food allergies

• autoimmune

• anti-inflammatory

• renal

• pediatric & adolescent

– medical nutrition therapy

– weight management

• nutrition & athletic performance


The ultimate goal in nutrition rehabilitation is the identifications and resolutions of psychological, family, social and behavioral issues.

As a Nutrition Therapist, Dr. Armillay encourages the team approach
and coordination of behavioral and medical health professionals.